A Company With Tradition

Global Power Source Group of Companies have dominated the Power Backup Industry since 1988 and are one of the major Battery suppliers in the UPS Battery Segment. At Global Power Source, we aim to be pioneers in innovative and viable power solutions through our products and services, with an assurance of unparalleled quality. Our Quality Management System is designed and maintained to comply with the highest prevalent international standards.

over offices worldwide
million GPS group turnover
years of quality operations

We are strategically positioned all over the globe to meet your every need

With more than 30 offices across the world, we have a wide list of experts in every country, providing 24/7 support.

We Cater To Several Industries

And are trusted with established companies across the world


Contact us to find out how your business can thrive with our products and solutions.

We Offer A Comprehensive Range Of Batteries
In Every Segment


We are a pioneer in SMF VRLA Battery Technology and we are the predominant supplier for UPS Batteries to several leading UPS Manufacturers.


Our industrial batteries cater to various segments such as UPS, telecommunications, solar powered systems, medical instruments, data centres and so on.


We are recognized as the aftermarket experts in the Automotive Battery Market. We are committed in providing quality products in the consumer segment and our car, heavy vehicles, motor cycles and diesel generator batteries have been regarded as promising and durable products.


Our strong hold in the Consumer Segment due to our constant innovation and commitment to our after-sales services has helped us build a worldwide reputation as a premium battery brand.

Optimum Battery Solutions

At Global Power Source, we provide optimum battery solutions that enables our clients to adopt the best and most advanced practices possible.

Battery Sizing

Compliance with tender specs

Guidance by our trained experts

Global Power Source is the only company in the battery industry that conducts High Rate Discharge Tests

Quality Assurance

Our products are recognized for its excellent quality and are extensively used worldwide. Stringent processes are adopted to give our clients the best and highest quality. We provide guaranteed assurance when it comes to our products and services.

Certificates & Awards

The technology and reliability of our products and services is demonstrated by the numerous certifications and awards we have received over the years. All our products have acquired certifications such as ISO, IEC, UL and so on.

CSR – Go Green

CSR lies at the intersection of our business, our development strategy and the new challenges we face. Our aim is to offer sustainable solutions to our users, to act ethically towards society, and to limit our impact on the environment.

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